Join the Rich Club is Peter Switzer’s insider’s view on how you can build your wealth using the strategies other money books don’t reveal.

Using surprisingly safe and easy-to-understand investing ideas, Peter shows you that, over time, you can build your riches.

He not only wants to change the way you invest your money, he shows you how you can copy the most successful people in the world of money and business to give you entry to the Rich Club.

After reading this book, you’ll know how to buy stocks and what to buy. This is not a textbook but a “how to” book and if you follow Peter’s lessons, you’ll be in the position to get richer, help those you love and leave yourself in an above-average comfortable position.

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Apart from being a well-educated and highly experienced finance industry expert, Peter perceives market gaps and is always looking for where the opportunities are. Once identified, he has this ability to execute with a rare combination of energy and focus, coupled with reading a market and nailing the solution to that market. Rare indeed.
Mark Bouris, founder of Wizard, Yellow Brick Road and host of The Apprentice.

Peter and I talked money for years on ABC radio. If only I’d listened to what he was saying, I’d be rich!
James Valentine, Radio Host, ABC Radio 702.

Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s great communicators when it comes to all things financial. His no nonsense, direct and entertaining style is not only informative but interesting. For that reason alone Join the Rich Club is a great read.
Sir John Key, GNZM AC Prime Minister NZ (2008-2016).

Peter’s gifts are his grasp of money matters and his ability to make them understandable to others.
Alan Jones, Radio Broadcaster, Macquarie Media.

Peter Switzer is the most honest and reliable finance guy in the country.
Gerry Harvey, Chairman, Harvey Norman.

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